Creating A Radio Show – Weekly Summary 7

This week was the kick-off to creating our own radio shows. This week, we formed groups and my group was tasked with coming up with an idea that somehow related to Bob Ross. Lindsay C. and I discussed creating something different from what the other groups might do and changing the narrative a little bit. So then my group decided to go with an interview and react show and create it more like a podcast. It took us a bit to get all of our ideas set in place, but we settled with asking questions about Bob Ross and his influence and getting people to respond. We decided to include an age question, so hopefully, we can discuss the generational impacts of Bob Ross. We created the document and are working on getting responses this week and making all of our supplemental materials. Next week, we will come together to edit and do our own discussion. It was challenging this week to get the radio show moving and decide on a theme, but we were able to accomplish that and get our team in a good spot moving forward. The assignments that I did were all focused on material that can be used in the show and is reflective of what our show will most likely look at. Any feedback is welcomed!!

Are We Live? – Radio Show Advertisment

Are We Live? – this is a live stream show that UMW produces every Tuesday night and is completely run by students. I am a part of the class and we were able to do our first performance this week (2/22).

For this assignment, I decided to create an ad for the show because it needs more viewers and is directly related to the digital studies world. This was another assignment that I adapted to fit our radio show from the assignment bank. I thought this would be a good way to get other students involved in Are We Live? and would be a good break from the Bob Ross podcast segment.

If you have any questions about the live show, please feel free to let me know! I hope to see you tuned into Are We Live? and Who is Bob Ross?

DS106 Radio Advertisement

For this assignment, I decided to create a radio advertisement for DS106 this actual class. The original assignment was for a commercial ad for the class and wanted you to show assignments so it was in the visual category, but relates to others in the audio category. I decided to adapt it and talk about assignments so that it can be aired on my radio show – Who is Bob Ross? I thought this would be a good break from the podcast that we are producing and still connects to the course. I used a Bob Ross soundtrack in the background to give it more depth. I uploaded the Ad to SoundCloud so that it could easily be accessed. Hope you find the ad as a good sum of the class that we are in and inspiring so that others will take this course!

Who is Bob Ross? – Logo & Poster

For my group’s radio show – Who is Bob Ross? I decided to make a logo or a poster. This creation could really serve as either depending on what we would be doing with it. My group and I decided on this font because it fits well with the content of our radio show and is eye-catching. I used Canva to create this and exported it so that I can use it wherever it is needed. My group members are also going with the neon light theme and we are trying to capture some of the essences of Bob Ross with these projects that are related to our radio show. Hope you like the preview and it gives some context about what is to come!

Who is Bob Ross? – A Radio Show

At the start of the project for the next two weeks, my group and I were at a loss for what to do for the show and how to tie it into the theme of Bob Ross. After some thinking, we decided to follow more of a podcast and interview model. We felt like this would be different from what other groups do and provide insight into why Bob Ross is the theme of the course and how he impacts society.

Then our group decided on the idea of interviewing multiple generations of people about Bob Ross and who he is to them personally. We also decided to ask how the person felt about Bob Ross making an impact on society. We thought this idea would be interesting and somewhat entertaining to explore. We are going to listen to all of the clips that people send in together and add commentary to them. This radio show will be almost like a podcast. We are going to include the clips in the final cut for the radio show. Alongside that, this week we are all working on making bumpers, posters, and commercials. This week’s focus is obtaining responses from people and making supplemental materials. Next week, we will be meeting to provide our commentary and we will add the audio together to make a final product.

Personally, I am really looking forward to this project because I think it will offer different insights and reveal some narrative as to why Bob Ross has become so fluent and popular in today’s society. I am looking forward to creating a product that is like a podcast because I have always wanted to. Hope you decide to tune in when it airs!!

Exploring Design & Elements – Weekly Summary 6

This week we explored different parts of design and how it relates to telling a larger story. Design is easier for me to do because it is something that you absolutely have to do in one form or another. I also enjoy being able to create things and put my own touch on them. This week I did struggle with getting my assignment banks to come out exactly as I wanted them to design-wise. I am also a perfectionist, so things like this take me some time, but I was having fun with the assignments so I kept doing ones that would challenge me more. Overall this week I was excited to be able to learn different aspects of design that will help me with future projects and my research this semester at UMW, where I am designing a website to publish it at!

DesignBlitz… Looking With A Meaning

  1. Minimalism – This logo represent the design style of minamilism and I think it effectively adds a logo to a simple product. Minimalism is used a lot when putting logos on basic objects and giving them out as a form of advertising. One of the main principles of this element of design is to not overwhelm the eye and communicate a message easily.

2. Balance – This logo is placed on a clear cup and is judged through whatever beverage may be inside the cup. This is a form of symmetrical balance because even though the logos are sideways, they are still symmetrical if you were to do a line test. I do not think this is the greatest example of how to use balance in a positive way, but it does represent the aspects of it.

3. Dominance – This advertisement for a pancake syrup is a great example of dominance. The ad chooses one image to focus on, which is the product. Everything in the ad is in the background, which directly demonstrates the weight of an image in respect to dominance.

4. Form/Function/Message – This aspect of design deals with relating the product to the real world and helps explain how the design itself should convey this. In comparison to the first example, where the logo related nothing to the product, the toothpaste and toothbrush example is perfect to explain this aspect.

Motivational Words From Bob Ross…

Bob Ross is not only a painter but a type of motivational speaker and inspiration. Throughout his videos, his demeanor and the words he says go much deeper than just the painting. The whole vibe that he has with his videos creates an opportunity to learn some words of wisdom. For this assignment, I used an image of mountains and edited the photo to look like paint blobs. I then added a Bob Ross quote on top of the photo with a subtle black background. Hope you find this motivational!!

Exploring Word Art…

Creating word clouds is decently familiar to me since I want to be a teacher and they are a good way to add a visual element to assignments. I used an online generator and included some of the topics we have discussed throughout this course, along with some of the basics. I had fun brainstorming the words and it was a reflection activity for me. I also included some things from ds106 Radio into my word cloud, since that was a highlight of the course for me. Hope you enjoy my design!

Creating a Charity Ad…

This assignment caught my attention because I come from a family who works for a few non-profit organizations and thought that creating a charity ad would be fun. I decided to go with Walk To End Alzheimer’s because my Grandpa recently passed from Alzheimer’s. I enjoy working with this charity to bring awareness to the disease and fight for a cure. To make this ad, I used the logos directly from the charity and added a photo explaining the effect that Alzheimer’s has on the body because I felt like including this aspect would actually help people understand better what the charity was. I edited the images together and came up with this!