Final Project Ideas – Campaigning for Sharks?

As I was looking at my previous outline for a multimedia narrative and story, I still like my idea but think it might need some changes. I was also contemplating how I could relate this narrative to the theme of Bob Ross. So here it is – Bob Ross’s paintings are often of natural scenes and nature, therefore it can be assumed that he has an appreciation for nature and the environment. I think that I can connect Bob Ross in one of the aspects of the multimedia assignments based on these assumptions and maybe by incorporating a Bob Ross work of the ocean. These are just some ideas of how I could connect Bob Ross, I am going to keep thinking about it and see if I come up with anything else.

As far as the actual narrative goes, I would still like to advocate for sharks and condemn the shark finning industry by exploring this idea. I think this is meaningful to the world because it promotes environmental stability and I plan to explore that idea by explaining how important sharks are to the ecosystem and the idea that without them oceans would become off balance. This is obviously important to me because sharks have always been my favorite animal – even as a young child. My niece also loves sharks and I feel like the inclusion of them in things like Baby Shark has changed the narrative of sharks in the world. So my idea is to take it to the next level and advocate for them through the narrative. I will be telling the story of the Shark and its importance. Hopefully, this idea will work for the final project narrative because I think I will enjoy it and be able to produce a good project.

Creating A Final Radio Show – Weekly Summary 8

This week was crunch time to get the actual radio show in the works, instead of just brainstorming ideas and making supplemental products. Gathering interviews and hearing what people had to say about Bob Ross and his impact was really interesting and one of my favorite parts of the project. It was hard to actually get people to respond and send the recordings on time. My actual favorite part of the week was commenting and creating a podcast vibe for the audio show. I got to sit down and do nonscripted work and just talk about Bob Ross and his impacts. I really like the way the audio turned out and I hope everyone enjoys it! It is a bit different than a typical ds106 radio show but very connected to the course!

Radio Show Progress – Who is Bob Ross?

My group for the radio show decided that over spring break, we would work on getting interviews for the discussion aspect of our radio show. We asked people to send us an audio recording back answering specific questions that we thought would spark conversation. Over the course of this week, we have been editing our audios and adding the podcast portion of the radio show, so that it can all be edited together. I enjoyed recording this section and responding to what people had to say about Bob Ross. Our next goal is getting everything edited together into a final show! We have made a lot of progress, but we still need to flush out a few details. Check back to see the actual radio show soon!