A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…and here goes the story behind this one.

July 2020: Covid is sweeping through the nation shortly after a young girl was born and given the name Joella. People all around the world are suffering from mental illness and depression from the past few months spent in quarantine. The aunt to this sweet young girl is found dealing with emotions from this pandemic and sad, worrying that her niece, Joella, will never be able to experience life outside of a pandemic. With both the aunt and niece suffering, someone must step in and do something to help these two engage themselves in the world and learn to work around the pandemic. A great idea popped into the aunt’s head to take her niece on an outing that little did they know would help both of them and give the aunt perspective about the world around her. The two went to a sunflower patch and quickly began picking flowers one by one. Standing in the beautiful surroundings untouched by the pandemic, the aunt thought to herself that even in massive chaos there is still so much beauty. This is a motto that the aunt took with her after that moment. She enjoyed the day with her niece and realized that she must always take the beauty for what it is worth. The aunt and the niece were able to find a balance and focus more upon the natural elements to help them through tough times, with the aunt taking the lead to ensure the child’s happiness.

2 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

  1. Beautiful story, very relatable too! I certainly had a moment during the pandemic where I found that something that I needed to keep me pushing through.

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