Animals Doing Funny Things… With a Prequel

This is my second remix assignment of the week. I decided to do GIFs because these assignments are relatively low stakes and tend to make me laugh. This is also why I chose animals doing funny things because I thought it would be a good break from all the audio and video editing. As soon as I saw the remix calculator give me prequel, I wanted to do Star Wars theme but the mixer specifically said nothing about Jar Jar Binks. So here we are with the main GIF being the dog hitting his pillow mad at the world. I instantly thought about getting grounded and being sent to your room and being mad at yourself and the entire world. So for my prequel GIF, the dog is being sent to his room by his aunts. I used this GIF because Sabrina The Teenage Witch is like one of my favorite shows ever. Here are the GIFs below:

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