Becoming a Better Photographer – Evaluation and Tips

After reading the article, I started to think about the actual concepts that make up a photo instead of the story that I am looking at. While the story is important, I feel like you are able to see the context of the story and understand the story itself more when these aspects of photography are throughout and followed in the taking of the image. There is a lot to consider when taking a photograph and more preparation goes into it than I thought. As the article mentioned setting up the photograph and following lighting rules is crucial. Alongside this, predicting moments before they happen is important too. In some of my examples, I am going to look at pictures and see if I captured the moment she did something or was a “photo gun in rapid-fire” and missed the point. All of these aspects and techniques add a layer to storytelling and help capture the essence of the story.

Here are some examples and aspects of photography that they lack or showcase:

This photograph shows texture, depth, and contrast. This makes the image have more details and draws the eye to look into the color with the contrast. This impacts storytelling by grabbing attention.

This photograph has potential but is lacking balance and foreground/background. It does however have perspective and moment. They impact the story by setting a perspective looking towards the end, inspiring the viewer to learn more and it is a moment of a greater story.

This photograph shows moment, lighting, and depth. This adds to the storytelling by showing many different things going on in the image.

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