Creating A Radio Show – Weekly Summary 7

This week was the kick-off to creating our own radio shows. This week, we formed groups and my group was tasked with coming up with an idea that somehow related to Bob Ross. Lindsay C. and I discussed creating something different from what the other groups might do and changing the narrative a little bit. So then my group decided to go with an interview and react show and create it more like a podcast. It took us a bit to get all of our ideas set in place, but we settled with asking questions about Bob Ross and his influence and getting people to respond. We decided to include an age question, so hopefully, we can discuss the generational impacts of Bob Ross. We created the document and are working on getting responses this week and making all of our supplemental materials. Next week, we will come together to edit and do our own discussion. It was challenging this week to get the radio show moving and decide on a theme, but we were able to accomplish that and get our team in a good spot moving forward. The assignments that I did were all focused on material that can be used in the show and is reflective of what our show will most likely look at. Any feedback is welcomed!!

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