Daily Creates… Into A Story

Challenge Accepted: This is a story that I have created using my digital creates from this week and one from last week. It is a bit out there! I hope you enjoy!

The Gift of Art: The Case of Piland

There once was a country named Piland that was having problems with Hiland, their neighboring country. Piland was a small country, but they had a great force of pi troops. Hiland would not accept trade from Piland because they said that Piland’s pizza was too expensive. Hiland knew that they were doing Piland wrong, so they decided to send the gift of art, not war. Hiland took inspiration from the Ferris wheel because it is a symbol of fun and happiness. On 3.14 (pi day), Hiland delivered Piland a pizza pi-themed Ferris wheel as a symbol of peace and future cooperation, much like the Statue of Liberty. Piland was joyed and now the two live in peace.

One thought on “Daily Creates… Into A Story

  1. This is so cool! I like how you embraced the potential awkwardness of having three very different creates and went all in. It works so well because it is perfectly silly! I love it!

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