Digital Storytelling & Creativity Goals

Goals for a course have always been something that I struggle with because, at the beginning of a course, I am not entirely sure what I will struggle with. As a future educator, I do understand that goals are a productive way of making students accountable for their own learning and promoting a sense of educational responsibility. For this particular course, ds106, one of my major goals is to learn how to go from basic digital creativity to a higher level of creativity and individuality in my work. I hope to gain new insights on how to use digital tools to present myself and how to use new tools. This is one of the most important goals for me in this course because I believe that it will be important to my future work and will make me more competitive in the education world. Another goal I have for this course is to become more comfortable with the creative process. With Bob Ross being the major influencer in the course, I am hoping to gain confidence in myself to be a creative person. Alongside this, I have a goal of being more responsible with my time in this course. My goal is to learn how to better manage my time. As a senior, this is something that I still struggle with and while looking at the course outline and assignments, I think this will be a good challenge for me. I hope to accomplish all of these goals throughout this course and learn more about myself and my creativity.

How to make a plant grow faster and bigger? 5 secrets tips - SAOSIS
I imagine growing from a seed into a sunflower throughout this digital studies course.

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