Examining A Movie Scene…

After learning a bit more about how films are made and the thought and effort that must go into them, I decided to look at a few famous movie scenes and pick my favorite out of those. The clip that I chose is from The Fault In Our Stars and is the scene noted for “the metaphor”. This scene is about a minute long in which it took a lot of editing to drive the emotion and meaning out of the cinematic work. I examined how the scene is edited to pick on some foreshadowing moments, like no lighter and the oxygen. I also picked up on the face-to-face transitions of the camera work and how it contributes to conversation panning out in movies to keep the flow going. I only watched the clip once before recording my thoughts about it because I thought that it would be interesting to see what I noticed after learning that a lot of different things go into video work. This is how I thought it was best to approach the assignment and explore what techniques and tools were used to create the feeling and “the metaphor” that so many people talk about. Let me know what you notice about the cinematic work in the scene!

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