Final Project

For our project, Lindsay and I decided to create a multimedia narrative about the ocean and ocean conservation. This project is very important to both of us and we feel like it is a topic that deserves more attention. We decided to take the multimedia approach so that there are multiple forms of sharing this message. We decided to go off of Bob Ross’s ideas about creativity and appreciating natural beauty. Over the past few weeks, we have been creating projects that align with our final project. We have used various assignments throughout the course to explore this topic. We are displaying these as a culmination of our work in different digital tools. Essentially, our goal was to tell the story of the ocean by exploring different narratives from all of our previous assignments. Some of these assignments have been adapted from our original creations to fit this story. And others have been created specifically for this project. We hope that you enjoy our multimedia narrative and feel free to use any of the projects to spread the word!

First, we explain our motivation and outline our story in a short video essay.

Second, we explore a creative interpretation of song lyrics about the ocean.

Third, we project the idea of pollution.

Fourth, we ask you to vote for policies that protect the ocean.

Fifth, we have a haiku representing a need for change.

Sixth, we collage personal images of the ocean to show its beauty.

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