Final Video Show – Weekly Summary 11

This week, we moved into creating our final video shows. I really enjoyed the overall experience of bringing my ideas for a show to life. There were definitely a few challenging moments with filming and editing. Trying to get both my partner and me to stay focused and film at the same time was… well the easiest way to say it is a HOOT! I think we were able to overcome this and produce an okayish project. We had a good time editing and almost deleted everything we did, but we actually did not. The process of creating this show was a good learning experience for me and definitely furthered my knowledge of iMovie a bit more. I hope to all those that listened, you enjoyed our show and were able to learn something about ocean conservation!

One thought on “Final Video Show – Weekly Summary 11

  1. You all did a great job on this project, and it was for a great cause! Keep up all the hard work the semester is almost over!

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