If I was an “Artist”…

The statement that everyone is an artist in their own way holds some truth. Artistry comes in many different forms and transpires into the world in many different ways. I would not classify myself as a typical artist that is involved in physical art, musical art, or videography. I also believe that many of the products that we produce are forms of artistry. One way in which I identify as an artist is photography. Even though I do not publish or talk much about my photography, I generally enjoy taking photos of trees and scenery. Personally, I hate to be photographed myself, but I find peace in taking pictures of scenery which is artistry in itself. Another way in which I identify as an artist is with sports. I play tennis and teach tennis lessons in the summer. Sports can definitely be a form of art because it takes each individual’s unique talent and aesthetic to make them stand out as a player. Tennis is a form of art because everyone has their own way of serving the ball or tackling the court. The way in which a player moves is a visual art and could be made to be a form of art. For instance, placing paint on a player’s shoes creates a pattern that shows the artistry within the sport. Overall, even though I am not a typical artist I have many ways in which I express my creative ability.

image of a tree without leaves and many shadows

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