Learning About Audio Recording…Weekly Summary 5

This week was a bit challenging for me. I have never really edited or produced any type of audio work before. That being said, after I got everything installed on my laptop and learned a little more about Audacity, I was able to create some products that I do not think are too bad. This week inevitably ended up being a time for reflection for me as I tried to connect the studio stories that I was creating to my actual life. I really enjoyed that aspect of this week. I was stumped with trying to figure out how to adjust the volume of certain audios and not others in Audacity. Hopefully, I can get more familiar with that so it is not a problem in the future. I also really enjoyed listening in to Ds106 Radio and participating in the discussion on Discord. This might be something that I tune into in the future. Overall while this week was challenging, I am proud that I was able to overcome my difficulties and figure some things out.

Required Assignment Bank #1 – Sound Effects Story
Assignment Bank #2
Assignment Bank #3
Digital Create #1
Digital Create #2
Digital Create #3

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