Living With Olaf… Arenndele

If I was given the option to live anywhere in the world, or fictional world, I would choose the Arenndele Castle from the movie Frozen. I would most likely move here after college and work for the government. I would reside in the castle and use my degree in political science to sustain myself. One of the many reasons that I would live here is because of Olaf. Olaf is probably the greatest snowman to ever be named and he would be my personal assistant. I would make snow angels with Olaf and be able to see snow all of the time because of his personal flurry. I would go skiing with Sphen and Christoph on my days off. Exploring the unknown magical kingdom that is Arenndele would allow me to unlock my inner child, all while using my college education to work, which sounds like a perfect world to me.

2 thoughts on “Living With Olaf… Arenndele

  1. Yes, yes, and yes! I 100% agree. This is definitely one of my favorite Disney movies, and the idea of living in the castle sounds so fun. I loved how you connected the different things that each of the characters do from the movie!

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