Multimedia Introduction

Hi Everyone! This semester I am enrolled in ds106 and I am excited to see what new tricks I learn about navigating the web and what educational insights I gain from this course. Throughout my time at Mary Washington, I have found my digital studies courses very insightful and useful towards my future career as a teacher. That being said, I am excited to see what this digital studies course offers. Embedded in this post are some creative ways to introduce myself. At the start of each, I made sure to include my name and the course for reference. I am also attaching my medium blog website where a lot of my other digital studies work is published. Several of these digital tools are new to me and I hope to get a better hang of them as I go. I hope you enjoy these various introductions and fun facts included in each. – Medium Link

2 thoughts on “Multimedia Introduction

  1. Great to have you here. Every once in a while we hear from a former education major that this class was far more helpful in their professional careers than they expected.

    • So far this class has been really helpful. Especially getting acclimated to using more tech. I am also in INDT 501, which is strictly based on tech tools in the classroom.

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