Video Show Pt.1 – Trailer Included!

My partner and I are planning to connect this video assignment to our final project to give it a test run. We are planning to tell the story of the ocean and call our show “Speaking For The Ocean”. This video show will walk viewers through the importance of the ocean, discuss the harm caused to sharks and other ocean animals, and ponder solutions to advocate for ocean conservation. Our show will take this three-part format and have a break in between each part. We are going to record ourselves talking and provide supplemental images and clips when necessary. We will be shooting this video next week and editing it the days after. This week we will be primarily focused on planning and researching. We decided to combine our efforts to make a longer trailer with more of an overview of the overall ideas of the show! Check out our trailer below for a sneak-peak of the show!

2 thoughts on “Video Show Pt.1 – Trailer Included!

  1. Can’t wait to see how it looks in the end! I am curious though if this is going to be connected to your final project? Like is your final project going to be the surprise 4th part?

  2. This seems like a really cool (and NEEDED) project, because someone needs to advocate for the ocean. Though my biggest fear is sharks, I’m still excited to see what you end up talking about!

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