Reflecting on Week 1 – Learning About Multimedia

Joining the Digital Studies 106 course was an impulse decision for me, however, I was really excited to learn more about digital tools to tell a story. Being the first week of classes, setting up accounts is always a tasking process. Starting with this course first actually ended up being helpful while setting up accounts for other courses. Having clear instructions helped my learning experience and kept me from getting frustrated. One of the most exciting ideas that I learned this week was that the digital studies 106 course is a whole community; this is exciting and makes learning more enjoyable since connecting with others is easy and low pressure. Some of the activities that I did this week included revamping my domain of one’s own, recording a YouTube video, which features my cats, learning how to use SoundCloud, and finding out that I really enjoy Bob Ross videos and learned that they can be used for a time of relaxation and focus. One of the most challenging objectives for me was setting up another Twitter. Being in the education world, I am required to keep a very professional and educational Twitter, so I decided to create a new one for this class. However, managing two schools accounts and my personal account is going to be challenging this semester. Any tips on how to do this or combine the two would be greatly appreciated! All of my learning experiences and established accounts can be found in the embedded Word Press link “Multimedia Introduction”. After this first week, I am intrigued to see what this course offers me!

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