Reflecting on Week 2: Exploring Storytelling and Digital Media

The second week of taking ds106 has been an adventure for me. I have really enjoyed diving into some of the assignments for the course and using new tools. This week I also started doing the daily Wordle and I have had fun seeing how many tries it takes me — and honestly trying to beat Dr. Bond. I have been sharing them on my Twitter for this course and for my INDT course here at UMW. One challenge that I ran into was not having proper photo editing software. I made do this week and improvised with things like Snapchat and Word, but it might be something I invest in in the future since I enjoy doing it. Any suggestions for good software would be greatly appreciated. One thing that I really enjoyed was creating color art for … the challenge is for the viewer to guess the word that I based the colors off of. This was one of the assignments that I chose to do from the assignment bank and I actually ended up playing around with it and trying different words for a while. I also really enjoyed adding dinosaurs to a Bob Ross painting, I do not think he would mind since he is a big advocate and stand up for creativity. One of my favorite (and least favorite) parts of the course is tweeting about my assignments and doing daily creates off of Twitter, although, I will say it is hard managing and keeping up with so many accounts. One day I tweeted from the wrong account and cursed on my professional Twitter, this may be something I clean up after this course because in this element it works, but not in the professional world. This week I have also been focused on engaging with others on Twitter and blogs; I am trying to answer comments and respond back. I look forward to the assignments next week and working through some of my challenges. Embedded below are my blog posts, digital creates, assignment bank activities, and wordles from this week. Please feel free to drop some suggestions for affordable editing software!

Digital Create #1
Digital Create #2
Digital Create #3
Digital Create #4
Digital Create #5
Assignment Bank #1 – Sports Poster
Assignment Bank #2 – The Color of Words (here is where you guess the word)
Assignment Bank #3 – Populate the Landscape

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  1. Hey this was a great recap of your weeks work! You asked about a photo editing program, you might have some luck with Gimp I am by no means a pro but was able to find a few ways of editing pretty quickly, and watching a couple YouTube videos will get you started fast. I like the layout of your website, it is very easy to navigate!

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