Revisiting My Work & Self Reflection

This week, one of the assignments is to revisit old work and pick two assignments to rework and reflect on. The first assignment that I chose to rework was “If I Could Live Anywhere“. I am visiting this assignment again because I felt like I did not really think it through all of the way and my perspective in the class and in general has changed. I wanted to take time to consider more options and reflect on myself a bit more. To start, I revisited a novel that I read about the happiest places in the world.

So, If I could live anywhere I would not choose one of the “happiest” places in the world because I realized that these areas still have problems and when people become fixated on happiness it inherently becomes unhappy. That being said, I would want to live close enough to family so they could still come to visit. I landed on the beaches of North Carolina in a small town on the OBX. This area comes with contentment for me and it is a place that has good memories. Alongside that, I love the beach and my family would enjoy coming to stay with me. I could teach and live a happy life.

Visit Ocracoke Island - Naturally Different
Ocracoke, NC

The second assignment that I chose to revisit is “Contradicting Thought“. When I was looking for assignments to revisit, this one stood out to me because I realized that I could have made more of a story out of it instead of being basic. The message about contradicting thoughts was well put and made me start thinking a bit deeper.

So, that led me to create something about going the ordinary route or being different. We are all at a time where we are making permanent life decisions, about what we want to do, what career is best for us, who do we want to spend our lives with, where we will attend grad school, etc. Personally, this is where I decided I would continue to grad school but keep diversifying my education so that I can travel and take a different route. Here is my representation of that contradicting thought.

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  1. It seems like you took a very introspective and thoughtful look at your past work. It’s very interesting to look back and compare how we’re feeling now with how we felt when creating things for assignments in the past. Good work!

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