Thinking About Design…

Design is something that I find interesting. The word design is so broad because it applies to many different things – like interior design, web design, clothing design, organizational design. Essentially, design is a part of everyday life and influences the world around us. Speaking more directly about design in context to this course, I am excited to explore designing different things using digital tools. The readings influenced my overall conception of design and how to make it function for the purpose that you want it to. I also learned about an aspect of creativity in design, all while keeping the design attached to the meaning of the product. I enjoyed looking at the usage of grids in design and how this can help portray a meaning and make a design look better. I also enjoyed looking at typefaces and realizing that keeping it simple and only using a few is key to making a good product. The Vignelli Cannon is a great resource to explore when considering design and I plan to use it all week to make my projects better.

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