To My Sisters: You Inspire The World

Dear Older Sisters:

You both have always been my number one fans and biggest supporters. Through all of the chaos and hard times, you have each remained strong and never let me forget that you were there for me. Even though each of you has your own specialties, whether that is nurturing or the tell like it is sister, you constantly remind me to be the best version of myself and never let me fall. I know that I can always count on each one of you to answer the phone or answer my text messages no matter the time of day. You have taught me that it does not matter where I come from or what obstacles I have, I can still make my dreams come true. Each of you are a living example of what it means to work hard and strive for the best in life and college. I am a proud younger sister and I can happily say that each of you chose wonderful careers where you are constantly helping others.

Amanda, you have shown me time and time again to never settle for less than I deserve. You have shown perseverance through everything that life has thrown at you. You have proven to me that it is never too late to chase dreams and be who I want to be. You will not let me settle for anything less of what I deserve and you always remind me of what potential I offer the world. Thank you for chasing your dreams and becoming the best nurse I know to this day and being such an inspiration to help me become who I want to be.

Emily, you have always supported me in whatever I do and you have never failed to help me figure out my place in the world. You have always shown me how proud you are of me, and gave me the confidence to chase my educational dreams of getting a master’s in education and a doctorate. You are an example to the world of how to treat people with kindness and give them confidence about themselves. Best of all, you made me an aunt and taught me to love my niece so much that it hurts sometimes. Thank you for always supporting me and giving me words of wisdom to help me keep going you are one of the most dedicated and caring teachers that I have ever known.


Celia S. (your proud little sister)

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