Visual Storytelling & Growth – Weekly Summary 4

Learning more about visual storytelling and the photography aspect has opened my mind to start thinking more about the photos I am taking and their meaning. The article for this week provided a quick insight into some of the strategies that I can use and should be aware of in future photography projects. One of my other favorite parts of this week was creating GIFs and challenging myself to get better the more I did. I familiarized myself with a new website and even got through some troubleshooting with some workarounds. I had trouble with some of the visual assignments that used photoshop. I tried some of the suggested websites and was completely at a loss. However, I think this is something that I will look into more in the future. Overall, photography has been one of my favorite categories of digital storytelling so far. Below is my work for this week. Enjoy!

Assignment Bank 1 (5 stars)
Assignment Bank 2 (4 stars)
Assignment Bank 3 (3 stars)
Assignment Bank 4 (2 stars)
Daily Create #1
Daily Create #2
Daily Create #3

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