Visuals of Storytelling – How I Could Do Better

All of my life, I have enjoyed taking photographs of the people and places around me. I have never really put much thought into the actuality of the photo I am taking and how it would turn out. Recently, I have become a more firm believer of living in the moment, so I try to not always be on my phone taking pictures. When I do take photos, I use my phone and I often take rapid-fire pictures and hope that they turn out okay. The majority of my photos are of pretty things around me or of my family members. Having a youngster in the family and the ability to take photos with such ease makes me capture a lot of memories of her. One of the few times that I work to capture meanings is when I am taking photographs of people for a particular reason – like weddings, for a headshot, resumes, etc. Some of the ways that I think I can personally improve upon in my photography is taking more photos for purpose and trying to capture the meaning of them. I would also like to focus on more of the actual aspects like depth, contrast, the rule of three, and much more. Reading the article and exploring some more into the world of photography has opened my mind to it and I look forward to seeing how that shapes my future photos.

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