What is in a story?

Outline for A Long Story:

When thinking about how to develop an idea for a story, there are many ideas that come to mind. I have been reflecting on some of the greatest short stories of all time like The Story of an Hour, The Yellow Wallpaper, and A Good Man is Hard to Find. One of the most important things to me is that the story is reflective of something that I love and I am passionate about. I want to tell a story that is valuable to people and shares a message.

Title: Diary Thoughts About A Shark

Main Idea: This diary will showcase my personal connection to sharks and the shared love of them between my niece and me. One of the main takeaway points will be about the danger that sharks are currently in from the fishing and finning industry.

How the Story will Develop:

  1. I will make the personal connection through writing about my love of sharks and interest in them. I will also write to share how important they have became to my niece.
  2. I will then create a video compiling images of sharks and their duties in the ocean. Then the video will lead into footage of sharks being mistreated and hunted.
  3. I will show footage of the finning industry
  4. I will use art to advocate for finning to stop occuring.

One thought on “What is in a story?

  1. This seems so cool! I would love to see the final result. I don’t know much about finning, and now I think I should try to learn more. So cool that you found a creative medium that fits with a story you are passionate about and want to tell. Very nice outline!

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