Who is Bob Ross? – A Radio Show

At the start of the project for the next two weeks, my group and I were at a loss for what to do for the show and how to tie it into the theme of Bob Ross. After some thinking, we decided to follow more of a podcast and interview model. We felt like this would be different from what other groups do and provide insight into why Bob Ross is the theme of the course and how he impacts society.

Then our group decided on the idea of interviewing multiple generations of people about Bob Ross and who he is to them personally. We also decided to ask how the person felt about Bob Ross making an impact on society. We thought this idea would be interesting and somewhat entertaining to explore. We are going to listen to all of the clips that people send in together and add commentary to them. This radio show will be almost like a podcast. We are going to include the clips in the final cut for the radio show. Alongside that, this week we are all working on making bumpers, posters, and commercials. This week’s focus is obtaining responses from people and making supplemental materials. Next week, we will be meeting to provide our commentary and we will add the audio together to make a final product.

Personally, I am really looking forward to this project because I think it will offer different insights and reveal some narrative as to why Bob Ross has become so fluent and popular in today’s society. I am looking forward to creating a product that is like a podcast because I have always wanted to. Hope you decide to tune in when it airs!!

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