Writing is Crucial to Storytelling – Weekly Summary 3

The main topic for this week was writing, which is more familiar to me than other digital formats. I enjoyed learning more about how stories actually tell the story of something and have greater meanings. I explored some formats in which you can tell stories that evoke emotion and stories that seem close to home and familiar. One of my favorite parts of this week was writing a letter to my sisters for the assignment bank that I chose to do. I was able to tell a story about myself and my family members. One of the most challenging moments for me this week was coming up with an idea of a story I would like to tell. I chose sharks because they are important to me and I am very passionate about targeting the finning industry. The digital creates are becoming a lot easier to do and take me a whole lot less time now that I have learned to edit photos better. This was also a highlight of this week considering that I have learned how to create things on my computer and phone better. I am looking forward to next week and seeing what new tricks I can learn to help me be a better digital storyteller.

Digital Create #1
Digital Create #2

Digital Create #3

Story Analysis:

Storytelling Outline:

Assignment Bank #1 (3 stars):

Assignment Bank #2 (3 stars):

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Assignment Bank #3 (3 stars):

Assignment Bank #4 (3 stars):

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