Animals Doing Funny Things… With a Prequel

This is my second remix assignment of the week. I decided to do GIFs because these assignments are relatively low stakes and tend to make me laugh. This is also why I chose animals doing funny things because I thought it would be a good break from all the audio and video editing. As soon as I saw the remix calculator give me prequel, I wanted to do Star Wars theme but the mixer specifically said nothing about Jar Jar Binks. So here we are with the main GIF being the dog hitting his pillow mad at the world. I instantly thought about getting grounded and being sent to your room and being mad at yourself and the entire world. So for my prequel GIF, the dog is being sent to his room by his aunts. I used this GIF because Sabrina The Teenage Witch is like one of my favorite shows ever. Here are the GIFs below:

Making a Cinema Mosaic…Frozen Themed

For one of my weekly assignments, I decided that I would challenge myself by completing a five-star assignment that took more time and energy. I decided to go with making a cinema mosaic so that I could learn how to layer and add more aspects to my GIFs. I started by making my nine GIFs on GIPHY. Then I transported them into KAPWING. I searched on Google sites to make grided and layered GIFs and this was one of the options that came up. I uploaded all of the GIFs into this site and then went to work lining them up. The only downside is that it would only let me make this much content into one minute for free. My mosaic was based on Frozen, which is one of my favorite movies ever. I enjoy both frozen 1 and 2, so I used some of the highlights from Frozen 2 to share a bit of the story. Hope you enjoy it!

And… come to find out I could not embed my mosaic into WordPress, so I placed it on YouTube. I have also attached a link to the actual GIF!

(5 stars)

The Child & A Kitten… 5 Second Ending

There once was a toddler who loved her family just so. She always came over to play and was the center of everyone’s world. The family decided that they would rescue a small kitten. Little did they know, it would take the child and kitten quite a while to get acquainted with one another. The child was still the center of attention, however, there was a dear kitten that needed love as well. The child chased the kitten and wanted to play. The kitten rushed to hide afraid the child would be jealous. The Mimi of the family decided it was time for the child to learn to care for the young kitten. She taught the child to whisper and be quiet, gentle, and loving. After a few days the child and the kitten…

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The END.

This assignment was inspired by my niece and kitten and I used GIPHY to make the image. (4 stars)

Celebrating Too Early…

Celebrating success too early can end up being a complete downfall. It’s like waiting until final grades are published on Banner to know what you actually got in the class. If you celebrate your A too early, and it ends up being a B, the level of defeat is unreal. In this case, a sports team kept their eye off the ball and completely lost a point. This could have ultimately been the reason why they lost the game. It is great to be proud of accomplishments and celebrate but the end project is much greater of a celebration then too early.

I chose to do this particular assignment because I worked on GIPHY, as discussed in my previous post, and I am really enjoying playing around with all of the features. I recommend everyone trying it out!

3 Stars

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Contradicting Thought???

Can’t decide which direction to go? Can’t remember which direction you went? Lost in a maze?

There are many contradicting thoughts that occur almost every single day. Personally, I am not very good directionally speaking so I constantly ask myself which way did I come from or which way should I go. In my head, I can hear “leftrightleftrightleftright”. For Bob Ross, he has to debate which side of the canvas to place a tree or house on. In Ross’s case, this usually works out in his favor, in mine not as much. For this Assignment bank, I chose to bring this contradicting thought to life and make it into a gif. I used GIPHY to make this gif since I was familiar with this website from ds101. It is pretty simple to use and allows you to edit your gifs pretty easily. I would highly recommend using this site and it also makes it super easy to embed into WordPress with the embed gif option.

(2 Stars)

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