Contradicting Thought???

Can’t decide which direction to go? Can’t remember which direction you went? Lost in a maze?

There are many contradicting thoughts that occur almost every single day. Personally, I am not very good directionally speaking so I constantly ask myself which way did I come from or which way should I go. In my head, I can hear “leftrightleftrightleftright”. For Bob Ross, he has to debate which side of the canvas to place a tree or house on. In Ross’s case, this usually works out in his favor, in mine not as much. For this Assignment bank, I chose to bring this contradicting thought to life and make it into a gif. I used GIPHY to make this gif since I was familiar with this website from ds101. It is pretty simple to use and allows you to edit your gifs pretty easily. I would highly recommend using this site and it also makes it super easy to embed into WordPress with the embed gif option.

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