The Child & A Kitten… 5 Second Ending

There once was a toddler who loved her family just so. She always came over to play and was the center of everyone’s world. The family decided that they would rescue a small kitten. Little did they know, it would take the child and kitten quite a while to get acquainted with one another. The child was still the center of attention, however, there was a dear kitten that needed love as well. The child chased the kitten and wanted to play. The kitten rushed to hide afraid the child would be jealous. The Mimi of the family decided it was time for the child to learn to care for the young kitten. She taught the child to whisper and be quiet, gentle, and loving. After a few days the child and the kitten…

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The END.

This assignment was inspired by my niece and kitten and I used GIPHY to make the image. (4 stars)