Sounds Impact the Effect of Stories – Audio Reflection

After listening to Moon Graffiti, I was really astounded with everything that I heard and the emotional effect that this had on me. Abrumad’s perspective that he offers in his videos also illustrate the idea that audio work can help a listener dive deeper into the story and feel more of a part of it. While listening to moon graffiti, I felt like I was actually there and experiencing what was happening. This was a very captivating story and I got deeply invested in it. Agreeing with what Abrumad said in his videos, I think I became more invested in listening to the story, versus potentially watching this as a movie or television show. The camera sounds at about 7 minutes actually gave me a bit of a scare as the audio got more intense. I was listening in to Moon Graffiti in my headphones and I was really starting to get curious if this could potentially be real audio or real audio that has been manipulated. The whole moon landing is a controversial topic as to whether it really occurred or not, but as I was listening to the first parts of Moon Graffiti, I am pretty convinced. After reading into Moon Graffiti, this audio is based on a speech that was prepared for Nixon to give in the event of a disaster. Audio work can be really impactful, and to be quite honest I never knew the extent to which it can be powerful. Moon Graffiti is obviously an example of outstanding audio work, however I think the sky is the limit with producing audio stories and telling stories through this manner.