DesignBlitz… Looking With A Meaning

  1. Minimalism – This logo represent the design style of minamilism and I think it effectively adds a logo to a simple product. Minimalism is used a lot when putting logos on basic objects and giving them out as a form of advertising. One of the main principles of this element of design is to not overwhelm the eye and communicate a message easily.

2. Balance – This logo is placed on a clear cup and is judged through whatever beverage may be inside the cup. This is a form of symmetrical balance because even though the logos are sideways, they are still symmetrical if you were to do a line test. I do not think this is the greatest example of how to use balance in a positive way, but it does represent the aspects of it.

3. Dominance – This advertisement for a pancake syrup is a great example of dominance. The ad chooses one image to focus on, which is the product. Everything in the ad is in the background, which directly demonstrates the weight of an image in respect to dominance.

4. Form/Function/Message – This aspect of design deals with relating the product to the real world and helps explain how the design itself should convey this. In comparison to the first example, where the logo related nothing to the product, the toothpaste and toothbrush example is perfect to explain this aspect.