Two Worlds Colliding…Mashup

To be entirely honest, I am not really sure where this one came from or why this idea popped into my head. I chose to do a photo mashup as one of my assignments (4 stars). I had a completely different idea when I started and I somehow ended up here with Octanouts and clone troopers. I decided to add an Octanout character from the episode when they were in outer space to an image of clone troopers. I chose a celestial background to mash these two together. I had recently watched Octanouts with my niece and I figured everything is better when you throw Star Wars into it. I hope someone finds this as strange as I do!

Mashing Friends and Emojis…

This is one of those assignments that I saw and just knew I had to do. I was looking at all the remix assignment options and decided that it might be kind of fun to remix one of my friends and create them as an emoji… so here we are. This is my best friend and roommate Rosemary, who is also a former ds106er. The cowboy hat is an ongoing joke between the two of us and the fact that we are both from southern towns so this is where my inspiration came from. I decided to compare her to the smiley cowboy emoji because of this and the way that when she is in a hat she is always smiling. Here is my interpretation of a remix between a friend and an emoji. This mashup assignment was worth 4 points. Hope you enjoy!!