Photoblitz Fun!!

First things first, this was actually a lot of fun! I was not quite sure what I was supposed to be doing so I just rolled with it. I started my 20 minutes at 1:10 and finished around 1:16. I was moving so quickly because I wanted to do them all and it felt like a rush against the clock. There is only one photo that I did not do, which was about walking. I did not feel like leaving the apartment and being out because I am sick, so I skipped it. I also ended up on list 13:13 (weird numbers). I used my phone camera and Snapchat for the assignments that required me to create a photo!

Here are the items from my list:

Make a photo containing stone, water, and clouds.

Get a Shot of Something in Movement.

Make an abstract that someone would ask if was a real photo.

photograph of something old or aged today. (my plant I’ve had for 6 years)

Out and about Walking?

I did not do this one since I was not out and walking at the current moment. I skipped and went ahead.

The Theme is Blue.

Unusual Angle.