Listening to Ds106 Radio Show Projects

This week all of the radio shows that we produced are airing on ds106 radio. To be quite honest, I was really looking forward to listening to everyone else’s radio shows but not my own. Since I did a lot of talking in my group’s radio show I was nervous to hear myself talk. Our radio show sounded okay, there were a few audio mistakes where the audio changed a lot, but overall I think it sounded well. It was interesting to hear the conversation that Lindsay and I had about Bob Ross. We could have expanded a bit more about some negative views. I enjoyed chatting in discord while the show was airing and hearing people’s comments and questions! Unfortunately, I was not able to call in because my roommate was on a zoom call. I probably would have been very nervous, so I think chatting in discord was my best bet anyways. It was a very reflective experience to hear my work broadcasted where anyone can listen!

One radio show that really stood out to me was Conspiracy Theories. This show’s topic was very different than mine and was almost like listening to a podcast. Conspiracy theories are a very interesting topic to address and I feel like the group did a good job treading light on a serious issue by giving respect to families of 9/11 victims. One of my favorite aspects of this radio show was the unscripted delivery and differing opinions. I think this works particularly well for the topic, although it’s hard to get a good audio balance with this style, some parts can be particularly loud and other parts are super quiet. Overall, I really enjoyed hearing raw reactions and perspectives from people. I was curious about the inclusion of audio from Shane Dawson, since he is full of controversy but I see how it connects to the idea of conspiracy in media. Conspiracy theories overall are an interesting topic to examine and report about, but it can be a slippery slope. I did really enjoy listening to the show overall and I give the group credit for being willing to discuss the issue. It was really nice to hear everyone’s final products and I can’t wait to read all the posts from the listening experience!