Creating My Final Project – Weekly Summary 13

This week, we launched into getting all the materials ready for our final product and creating the narrative. My partner and I made our supplemental materials and then combined them in a blog post. I was able to reflect on what a multimedia project is and pull work that was all focused on the same topic. It was challenging to decide what materials to include and how to present the project. I chose to place the project in a blog post and give a little detail about each. This week was not too challenging for me because I have been using my assignments for the majority of the semester to gear up for this project. I hope everyone enjoys the project and takes the message seriously!

Mashing Up The Week… Weekly Summary 12

This week, we focused on mashup assignments and remixing other assignments. This was a great way to make several of the tools and topics we have explored come together. I also found that this week was a chance for my creativity to explode. It was easy for me to create some of these mashup assignments because I just went with the first thing that popped into my brain. Although, it was challenging at times to get them to work, especially when I was editing photos together. That might be something I look back into a bit more going further and try to sharpen those skills a bit. This week I was able to stay a bit more in my comfort zone with writing and editing photos, which was nice considering we were focused on video editing last week which is way out of my comfort zone. I still pushed the boundaries by photo editing, which will probably help with my final project in the coming up weeks. The daily creates from this week were actually pretty fun and I really enjoyed the coloring one, so if you did not get a chance to do it, you should go back and try!!

Final Video Show – Weekly Summary 11

This week, we moved into creating our final video shows. I really enjoyed the overall experience of bringing my ideas for a show to life. There were definitely a few challenging moments with filming and editing. Trying to get both my partner and me to stay focused and film at the same time was… well the easiest way to say it is a HOOT! I think we were able to overcome this and produce an okayish project. We had a good time editing and almost deleted everything we did, but we actually did not. The process of creating this show was a good learning experience for me and definitely furthered my knowledge of iMovie a bit more. I hope to all those that listened, you enjoyed our show and were able to learn something about ocean conservation!

Video Show & Work – Weekly Summary 10

This week we transitioned from working on a lot of audio to working on more video-related assignments. I must say that I was a bit nervous to actually produce videos, so the trailer and voiceover were a good start. I really enjoyed learning how to work with Imovie more because it will definitely be useful in the future as a teacher and with other classes. The most challenging part of this week was figuring out my video project and getting the plan in place, but it is coming together and I was able to produce a trailer. I learned a lot about what actually goes into cinematic work. Paying attention to editing details, how audio is portrayed, and foreshadowing are all key elements to making a successful film. I was able to explore this through my narration of a movie scene. I am looking forward to producing a video show next week with my partner!

Reflecting on Assignments & Radio Shows – Weekly Summary 9

This week was a relatively light week and I was tasked with reflecting on my own work and listening in to the radio shows from my peers and my own. One of my favorite parts of the week was getting to listen to everyone’s shows and the different ideas that everyone had. I did not particularly like hearing my own voice on the radio, but it was a reflective experience. I struggled with recreating my assignments because it is hard to skip back and remember exactly what you were thinking when did each particular assignment. I also revisited my final project ideas and expanded on that idea a bit more. This week was focused more on growth and evaluating the creative process. I really enjoyed making my daily creates connect with one another and writing a silly story about them. I am looking forward to expanding more on my final project in the future and hopefully reflecting on my work will make my future assignments even better!

Creating A Final Radio Show – Weekly Summary 8

This week was crunch time to get the actual radio show in the works, instead of just brainstorming ideas and making supplemental products. Gathering interviews and hearing what people had to say about Bob Ross and his impact was really interesting and one of my favorite parts of the project. It was hard to actually get people to respond and send the recordings on time. My actual favorite part of the week was commenting and creating a podcast vibe for the audio show. I got to sit down and do nonscripted work and just talk about Bob Ross and his impacts. I really like the way the audio turned out and I hope everyone enjoys it! It is a bit different than a typical ds106 radio show but very connected to the course!

Creating A Radio Show – Weekly Summary 7

This week was the kick-off to creating our own radio shows. This week, we formed groups and my group was tasked with coming up with an idea that somehow related to Bob Ross. Lindsay C. and I discussed creating something different from what the other groups might do and changing the narrative a little bit. So then my group decided to go with an interview and react show and create it more like a podcast. It took us a bit to get all of our ideas set in place, but we settled with asking questions about Bob Ross and his influence and getting people to respond. We decided to include an age question, so hopefully, we can discuss the generational impacts of Bob Ross. We created the document and are working on getting responses this week and making all of our supplemental materials. Next week, we will come together to edit and do our own discussion. It was challenging this week to get the radio show moving and decide on a theme, but we were able to accomplish that and get our team in a good spot moving forward. The assignments that I did were all focused on material that can be used in the show and is reflective of what our show will most likely look at. Any feedback is welcomed!!

Exploring Design & Elements – Weekly Summary 6

This week we explored different parts of design and how it relates to telling a larger story. Design is easier for me to do because it is something that you absolutely have to do in one form or another. I also enjoy being able to create things and put my own touch on them. This week I did struggle with getting my assignment banks to come out exactly as I wanted them to design-wise. I am also a perfectionist, so things like this take me some time, but I was having fun with the assignments so I kept doing ones that would challenge me more. Overall this week I was excited to be able to learn different aspects of design that will help me with future projects and my research this semester at UMW, where I am designing a website to publish it at!

Learning About Audio Recording…Weekly Summary 5

This week was a bit challenging for me. I have never really edited or produced any type of audio work before. That being said, after I got everything installed on my laptop and learned a little more about Audacity, I was able to create some products that I do not think are too bad. This week inevitably ended up being a time for reflection for me as I tried to connect the studio stories that I was creating to my actual life. I really enjoyed that aspect of this week. I was stumped with trying to figure out how to adjust the volume of certain audios and not others in Audacity. Hopefully, I can get more familiar with that so it is not a problem in the future. I also really enjoyed listening in to Ds106 Radio and participating in the discussion on Discord. This might be something that I tune into in the future. Overall while this week was challenging, I am proud that I was able to overcome my difficulties and figure some things out.

Required Assignment Bank #1 – Sound Effects Story
Assignment Bank #2
Assignment Bank #3
Digital Create #1
Digital Create #2
Digital Create #3

Visual Storytelling & Growth – Weekly Summary 4

Learning more about visual storytelling and the photography aspect has opened my mind to start thinking more about the photos I am taking and their meaning. The article for this week provided a quick insight into some of the strategies that I can use and should be aware of in future photography projects. One of my other favorite parts of this week was creating GIFs and challenging myself to get better the more I did. I familiarized myself with a new website and even got through some troubleshooting with some workarounds. I had trouble with some of the visual assignments that used photoshop. I tried some of the suggested websites and was completely at a loss. However, I think this is something that I will look into more in the future. Overall, photography has been one of my favorite categories of digital storytelling so far. Below is my work for this week. Enjoy!

Assignment Bank 1 (5 stars)
Assignment Bank 2 (4 stars)
Assignment Bank 3 (3 stars)
Assignment Bank 4 (2 stars)
Daily Create #1
Daily Create #2
Daily Create #3