Non-Human Perspective Story With a Twist…

This is one of my remix assignments. I chose to do another writing assignment because I enjoy being creative with my words and coming up with new ideas. The remix calculator told me to turn my non-human story into something about a boot camp, so that is where Sergeant Sally comes from. I really enjoyed writing this story from the “evil” plants point of view. It is pretty short because I figured no one would want to read along for pages. I hope you find this entertaining and funny. If you have any ideas for what evil plant and sergeant Sally could do next let me know!

The Evil Plant Gets Payback

My whole life I have never been able to move. I just can’t get these roots up and go. They are stuck in the bottom of this little pot forever I think.

Then there are those two cats over there who take advantage of being able to move their legs. All they ever do is sleep. After mom leaves… sleep. After they eat… sleep. (Also not to mention that I can’t even go get my food. I have to wait for mom to finally remember to water me.)

Today is the day. I decided a few weeks ago that I have had it with those cats taking advantage of everything and sleeping all the time. I called in reinforcements. Today is the day… it will happen.

I heard mom getting ready to leave and knew that it was time. Sally would fly in at just the right time to get those cats into shape. They would not be expecting it. See… Sally and I have been working on this plan for weeks now and it is actually happening.

Sally officially made it in without mom squashing her. Oh did I mention it is Sergeant Sally. Yeah that is right she was a tier 1 Sergeant in the bug forces. If anyone can whip these cats into shape it is Sally.

The first thing she does is taunt them awake. And lets just say they were not very happy about that one. Sally announces that Non-Human Worlds United has sent her in to prepare the cats and they have no choice. She even flashed the President’s seal. And Boot camp begins.

Laps. Stairs. Jumping. Swatting. Batting. Repeat.

Sally spent all day making those cats exhausted. Then came the next part of the plan. To announce this is the daily workout that the President wants the cats to do. Ah what an evil plant I am. The cats preceded to do the same Sergeant Sally workout for the next 6 months. That was until they got on the computer and realized that Non-Human Worlds United was actually just a soccer league.

Now I will call this a lesson learned for those lazy cats and a pointed gained for EVIL plant.

The End.